I’ve been to Bali three times now. While the first trip was just for five days over New Years 2014, the past two trips have been for 2 months and 1 month respectively. On both of my two recent trips I travelled with two pieces of luggage – one large, one carry-on size. The first trip, I stored the large suitcase at a friend’s villa. While that was an inexpensive option for sure, it was inconvenient to have to hop into a taxi whenever I wanted to swap items around. Well, now I’ve found Bali Store Luggage and they are the BEST company and service for storing extra bags, golf clubs, a surfboard, scuba diving equipment, etc. It’s owned by a friendly and hard-working husband and wife team and I highly recommend them.

Why You’ll Love Bali Store Luggage

  • They’ll pickup and drop-off most anywhere in Bali (for a fee) or you can meet them at their office for free
  • It’s really inexpensive!  I only paid USD$35 for a whole month!!
  • The team is really friendly and speaks English (and they reply quickly to inquiries)
  • They’ll provide boxes if you need them
  • It’s a family owned business and they really seem to care about each customer
  • You can pay by Indonesian Rupiah in person, or online via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard or American Express

When I’m doing back-to-back reviews, the last thing I want to have to do is waste an hour or two dealing with things like my extra bag. I used Bali Store Luggage’s pick-up and drop-off service and it was GREAT. For the pick-up I was staying at The Mulia in Nusa Dua and they showed up exactly at the specified time. For the drop-ff I was on the beach in Seminyak at the Luna2 Studiotel, and again they arrived right on time.

Definitely use their pick-up and drop-off service, it’s absolutely the only way to go.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Email them at info@balistoreluggage.com as soon as you know your itinerary to secure your optimal pick-up day and time. If you’re actually reading this while you’re already on Bali, you can also just give them a call but you’ll have to send pick-up details anyway so I suggest just starting on email.
  2. You’ll pay per piece, per length of time. I paid for one month, for one piece, and the cost was Rp. 475,000 (USD$35).  They offer ‘months’ or ‘days’ so you are 100% covered no matter what your situation.  And you can easily keep extending time if you need to, just email them.
  3. Coordinate drop-off. They ask for 24-hour’s notice to drop-off your clubs or bag or board to a hotel or villa. I actually setup my drop about a week in advance by email and they arrived on the day, at the exact hour I requested.
  4. Inspect your item/s and pay for the service. You’ll be asked to check your item/s while the staff is there, and to pay cash if you haven’t already paid online for their wonderful service.

I plan to use Bali Store Luggage every time I head to Bali for reviews. I like travelling light but always have an extra bag with non-beach wear and business clothes in case I need to fly out unexpectedly.

Connect With Bali Store Luggage

For information on pricing, visit their website.  To make a reservation, email them at info@balistoreluggage.com.

XOXO Angela

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