If you’re looking for amazing service and customer support when buying your ferry tickets for Bali or Lombok then definitely buy them online from DirrectFerries.com.  The website is easy to use and they’ll even help you sort out which ferry is best depending on what hotel or villa you’re leaving from and arriving to …. and I was very grateful for that because I initially asked for the wrong island altogether by mistake!  This review is for my recent Teluk Nara, Lombok to Serangan, Bali crossing with Marina Srikandi, which I bought via DirectFerries.com.

While I can recommend them, sadly they aren’t as good as their competitor that I crossed with and reviewed initially from Padang Bai, Bali to Teluk Kode, Lombok (best ferry port for Hotel Tugu Lombok), so do check out that review.

As you’ll see in the video, I started out quite positive and looked forward to the trip.  However, departing over 40 minutes late (after I had done my part and arrived before their required ‘maximum’ check-in time) quickly changed my opinion.

Comparison: Bluewater Express

While the crossing was comfortable and I can recommend Marina Srikandi on a certain level, I would sooner recommend their competitor Bluewater Express for the following reasons:

  • They left SPOT ON at the designated time, not a moment later (Marina Srikandi departed 40+ minutes late)
  • Their check-in area was easy to find and well-signed, it had a covered area to keep us all cool, and they served complimentary cold water to each guest as they checked-in (where Marina Srikandi had no designated area and none of the other services I just mentioned)
  • As soon as we boarded, staff distributed cold towels (Marina Srikandi did not)
  • Once on our way, they conducted a safety briefing (Marina Srikandi did not)
  • During the trip they sold Bintang (Marina Srikandi did not)

Now, if I hadn’t known any of the above … I probably would have a better opinion of Marina Srikandi and only been upset about the hour I lost, the hour my poor driver had to sit and wait at the port in the sun, and how that threw off the rest of my day’s itinerary.

Positive things I can say about Marina Srikandi >> the ride was smooth, there was air-con, and the seats aboard were comfortable

Definitely Use DirectFerries.com

With all that said, I absolutely 100% recommend DirectFerries.com.  Their team saved me a huge headache when I almost booked the wrong ferry.  Everything is digital with them so you don’t need to have paper copies of anything, just show the check-in team your phone.  They’re AMAZING.  Great prices too when compared to other sites or booking direct.

Be sure to visit their website and LIKE their Facebook page.

XOXO Angela

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