Come stay with me aboard the coolest Aribnb on Batam, the RONA Sailing Yacht in Nongsa Marina. Then afterwards, come sail with me, too (yes, literally!). I found the RONA to be a life changing experience but I realise that probably won’t happen for everyone. What you’ll experience is a gentle calm from the moment you roll up to the marina. Then as you slip off your shoes and climb aboard, with just the sound of water lapping against the boats and wind rustling about, every care from the outside world will wash away. Truly, it’s something special and a wonderful escape from real life being on a yacht built in 1895.

While you’re there, you may have to slip your sandals back on but only to walk into Nongsa Point for meals. I was on a solo trip and stopped in for happy hour each evening to enjoy the sunset and their espresso martini. Since I stayed over a weekend, I also was treated to their Saturday night outdoor night market-style dinner which was good fun, with live entertainment, a batik painter, and of course oodles of live cooking stations. They are also home to the ONLY boozy Sunday brunch / Sunday Roast on Batam so that was a real treat to round out my stay on the RONA.

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