Disconnect, unwind, and find your bliss at Tempat Senang, Batam’s #1 boutique spa resort! This wonderful property feels more like home than a hotel at times. It’s that kind of place where guests greet each other kindly, there’s an honour bar full of bottles of wine, and each guest’s room is chockablock stocked with every body and face product you have at home (including face wash & cream and body scrub!). The famous spa is to-die-for divine, the food is fresh and lulls guests to the dining room with the wonderful aromas escaping the kitchen, and HOT DAMN their bar whips up perfect lemongrass martinis time after time!

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Come spend 3 days at this delightful resort with me. I’ll take you to the spa, into a gorgeous tropical bath, and even take you on a tour of their vegan products lab!

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PRO TIP! Stock up on their passion fruit body lotion when you’re there! I only bought 2 bottles and I’m already trying to figure out how to score some more 😉 I’m now addicted because every time I have it on I’m complimented how good I smell EVERY TIME!

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