I’ve gone almost 50 years without a broken or fractured bone but that ended this week sadly. What I thought was an emergency because of my knee turned into quite a more serious injury altogether for my ankle.  I’m thankful for the caring hands at Prince Court Medical Centre and their clinic. I was able to be treated as a walk-in and not go into the emergency room.  This saved me a significant amount of money and made the overall experience pleasant, wayyyyyy more calm, and easier-to-process given how freaked out I was.

I plan to shoot a series of videos on what it’s like to travel on crutches, speaking with the teams at hotels on tips to share for anyone with an injury or travelling with a disability.  I’m guessing this will be a big eye-opener for me.

Walk-In Emergency Care at Prince Court Medical Centre’s Clinic

Don’t miss my Wellness Annual Checkup video at the Executive Services of Prince Court Medical Centre.  The service they offer is speedy, efficient, and affordable!

  • I called ahead and was given a ‘walk-in’ slot in less than 90 minutes, which is amazing.
  • Dr. Yong Chee Khuen is the Orthopaedic Surgeon who treated me.  I’ll be going back for surgery with him soon.
  • For more information, visit Prince Court Medical Centre’s website or call their 24-Hour Hotline +60321600000

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