Sweets lovers, please meet Bisou Bake Shop, my newest and most favourite desserts guilty pleasure here in Kuala Lumpur.  I discovered this little gem the first time I went to the cinema at Suria Mall because it is located right next door to it.  Everything looked so decadent and naughty that it was impossible not to stop!  Until this review, I had always nibbled on their cookies but now it is home to my favourite ooey, gooey, fudge brownie in Petronas Towers.  The shop has tons of yummy cakes, cupcakes, whole cakes, gluten-free items, and the most sinful cookie in town …. a sandwich of two buttery sugar cookies with a hefty helping of lemon buttercream frosting in the middle.  It’s the best 6 Ringgits you’ll spend all month, trust me on this one.

Whilst the Suria Mall location is where I frequent Bisou, their larger flagship location is on the 1st floor of Bangsar Village I.  Bisou has a nice selection of teas, coffees, and inventive soda water drinks to quench your thirst on a hot day.  There is bar and table seating so it’s a perfect spot to relax and  unwind  while enjoying a sweet moment and even sweeter treats, even if your date is just your laptop!

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XOXO Angela

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