Enjoy Live Music and Martinis at Bobo Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar

Enjoy Live Music and Martinis at Bobo Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar

If you’re looking for a fun and different evening out in Kuala Lumpur then head over to Bobo’s in Bangsar when they have live music.  To be completely honest, I have just moved to the city and was excited to go ANYWHERE after a couple of weeks on my own each night but this turned out to be something truly special, with Bobo’s delivering such a fabulous evening that I can’t wait to go back again.  Turns out that sipping martinis and enjoying the musical delights of a very cross-cultural lounge show was just the ticket to kickstart my new ‘nightlife’ life.  Oh…besides they had a very yummy charcuterie platter, and I’ve never been able to say no to one of those!


Watch a Sample of the Live Show!


I haven’t dined at Bobo’s yet so I can’t comment on the menu or wine list but I will say that the martinis I drank were delicious and I enjoyed the charcuterie platter I ordered very much.  The meats were excellent quality, presented very well on a small cutting board, and accompanied with nuts and bread and other yummy tidbits.

Live Music in Bangkung Bangsar

As for the entertainment, it was a memorable evening!  Be sure to watch the video and follow the singer on Facebook so you can catch one of her next shows in KL.  Sandra Mannas Wolf is a lovely vocalist accompanied by a trio of musicians.  She’s Australian but also speaks German so the show was a wonderful assortment of 20th and 21st century jazz, new and classic show tunes, classic rock, and love songs in those two languages.  Sandra’s daughter also has a beautiful voice and she belted out a couple of tunes to our delight as well.

Accompaniment by:

  • Ui Li on the Bobo grand
  • Ayam on percussion
  • Farid on sax
  • Friday guest singer: Vanessa Wolf

I definitely recommend Bobo’s on their live music night.  It’s a pity I only had my iPhone on me because I’d love to be sharing tons of pics here but hopefully the video will do for now 🙂  Honestly, it felt like a truly different experience to anything I can recall in recent years.  There was a small jazz club in Barcelona my friends and I used to go to on Thursdays when I lived there that came to mind, but I left Spain back in 2011 … so I think it’s safe to call this place truly unique.

The only bummer about the evening was that once the show was done that was it.  It was actually really confusing to my friend and I at first and we thought the staff were being a bit rude bringing our bill to us before the show had finished because we planned to move to the bar for a last drink or two (especially for such a swish lounge).  We both interpreted it as the staff thought we would leave without paying our bill, which did seem strange because we both look like good girls 😉  Turns out though that the particular area in Bangasar where Bobo’s is located has strict closing times and the show probably ran a bit late so they were just trying to close up shop.



Live show ticket prices are RM 60 (at least that’s what it was the night we went) and mixed drinks, martinis and appetisers all seemed to cost between RM 20 – 40 for what my friend and I enjoyed.


For more information or to make a reservation at Bobo KL give them a call on 03-2092 5002.  Their branding is quite subtle (my taxi driver and I had to circle once because we missed it the first time) so my suggestion is to look for the single word Bobo written as part of a phrase on an awning … from there just head up the stairs.  The building is split onto 3 levels with the Bobo KL lounge on the 3rd floor.

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XOXO Angela

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