Recently in Kuala Lumpur, I stupidly spilt olive oil onto my MacBook Air keyboard as I was cooking dinner. I instantly flipped my laptop over and thought it would be okay but the next day the keys started misbehaving so I knew I needed to rush it in for repair … and luckily found KissMyMac. I first reached out to the top 2 apple resellers and service centres and they were both infuriating. One told me they could only guarantee a 7-10 day turnaround time for a keyboard replacement. The 2nd told me they would not be able to tell me the cost of a keyboard replacement in advance and also said they’d have my laptop for about a week. What the heck???

Expert & Cheap 1-Hour MacBook Repair in KL

What I needed was someone to talk to me like a real person and who understood my problem (and knew I was freaking out). Not someone parroting or copy/pasting a scripted chat to me who seemed not to care. Finding KissMyMac was a true gift, they:

  • Reply very quickly when you message
  • Are great at calming your nerves and genuinely seem to care
  • Repair Apple products in a timely and expert manner — OFTEN IN 1 HOUR

My beloved laptop Eduardo has been with me close to 4 years now and is no longer protected under AppleCare so I was thrilled to not have to use an authorised Apple service provider (Machines and Thunder are the 2 I contacted in KL)

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