Roll up your sleeves and prepare to rip and dip your breads into some of the yummiest Indian food in KL! Delhi Royale sits about a half block from Kuala Lumpur’s twin towers and was a true delight to discover. They import all their spices and much of their menus grains and ingredients directly from India, and you can taste that difference! If you’ve been following my channel for a while now, you’ll know that I lived in India for three years so imagine just how much I miss Indian food! Come along as I sip masala martinis and eat my way through their yummy menu >>

What I loved best was every single thing out of the tandoori oven. The breads, hella good! The meats, absolute perfection! Ohhhh and that sev puri! Please ask for it so we can get it on the menu year-round 😉

My only complaint from the night was I was missing the traditional way that biriyani is normally served (from the pot it’s cooked in) instead of its presentation in a fresh, bright serving dish.

Visit Delhi Royale

  • Open daily for lunch and dinner
  • For more details visit their website
  • Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for some foodie love

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