When I first sat down at the revamped “Arteastry Hi Tea” at Element I thought, “Ah okay, this hotel’s high tea teeters more to the savoury side,” but boy-oh-boy was I wrong!  This creative, vibrant, and dee-lish afternoon tea experience will knock your socks off and have your children (or anyone with a sweet tooth!) spellbound and delighted.  It indeed starts out more savoury but then the Element F&B team leaps across the sweet aisle with the flair of a ballerina … well, a ballerina who also knows how to handle a hammer as you’ll see.

It is truly the most kid-friendly high tea I’ve come across since I started reviewing them in Asia in 2011 🙂

Arteastry Hi-Tea at Element Kuala Lumpur

Pro Tip!  This is a 2-part high tea that you’ll enjoy under the breathtaking skyline of the KLCC’s twin towers if you sit in the right spot.  Call ahead and ask for the last booth along the window with the KLCC view and they’ll sort you out.

  • Price is RM 128 nett per set, which is for 2 people
  • To make a reservation (and not miss that view!) call Element’s team on +60 3 2771 3388
  • Be sure to follow Element by Westin Kuala Lumpur on Facebook and Instagram and for more information, visit their website

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