Ciao, darlings!  How does Champagne and Italian cheese from the trolley sound?  Or maybe a red from Umbria paired with risotto with truffle and duck salami crostini?  Well, this week Marini’s on 57 has launched Apperitivo Hours, and trust me when I say that our pre-dinner warm up (or post-work happy hour) has never tasted so good.  As luck would have it I was the first blogger to try this wonderful new culinary experience and it was truly memorable.  The dynamic Italian power-house duo of Chef Federico Michieletto and Chef Simone Musu (both wonderfully charming, I must confess) have artfully created a new apperitivo menu that offers up something divine, and something different, seven nights a week.

Why You’ll Love Marini’s Apperitivo Hours

  • Each day of the week features a different wine paired with two tapas-style dishes, meticulously curated so that you can return night after night, always enjoying something different.
  • If you prefer to pair with bubbles instead of wine, you’ll choose what to pair it with … either Italian cheese, Russian caviar, or oysters!
  • You can decide how naughty you want to be by choosing from either a 75ml half glass of vino, a 150ml glass, or a bottle.
  • The view is grand and magnificent … and the cool evening breeze feels wonderful!
  • The Chefs whip up inventive dishes for you like braised Wagyu beef cheek with potato foam, celery stick with gorgonzola cheese & walnuts, Gragnano pasta with beef ragout, and cecina (meaning salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke) beef crostini, and it is all absolutely to-die-for!!
  • They change the menu every few weeks so it stays fresh and exciting for us regulars 😉

Connect with Marini’s on 57

  • Apperitivo Hours is on 7 nights a week from 5 – 8pm
  • For more information visit their website or ring them up on +603 2386 6030 to make a reservation
  • Be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest events and parties

XOXO Angela

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