If you’re on a budget but would love to stay in the best part of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle … stay in probably my favourite KL neighbourhood, Bukit Bintang.  This diverse area is home to amazing Champagne brunches at 5 star hotels, some of the best shopping, killer shawarmas and street food … and 4 of the coolest and cheapest boutique hotels that the city has to offer.  Each is special, each is quirky in its own way … and all are fantastically cheap.

Best Budget Boutique Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

(not in any particular order)


  • This is a no-frills hotel located right in the centre of Bukit Bintang
  • It has a cool industrial minimalist vibe and amazing art throughout the property
  • Yummy restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and into late afternoon
  • At night you can buy beer from reception!
  • Visit their website for more information, and be sure to like them on Facebook


  • Although no room service, comes closest to a full service experience for me
  • Very cool energy, feels W-esque in some ways which I love
  • Fabulous cafe with tasty pastries and cakes
  • Visit their website for more information, and be sure to like them on Facebook


  • Themed rooms include James Bond, Cinderella, Herby the Love Bug, and Marilyn Monroe (where I stayed), great for staycations
  • Fun and quirky, great for a bit of romance or something out of the ordinary
  • Restaurant open all day, with room service available through dinnertime
  • Visit their website for more information, and be sure to like them on Facebook


  • Shipping containers, cement industrial pipes, and tents turned into cool rooms
  • Only deluxe containers (like mine) and the suite have a private bath
  • No restaurant but they sell 3 kinds of beers and there is a tea and juice shop on the property
  • Visit their website for more information, and for them, I would suggest following their Instagram account which I adore 🙂

XOXO Angela

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