To say that I geeked-out during my recent stay at DoubleTree Melaka is an understatement … and you’ll soon see why! The King One Bedroom Suite I called home for three days had gorgeous views of the Straits of Malacca and was honestly one of the largest suites I’ve ever experienced in Malaysia at just over 100 square metres. Yet, simultaneously, it was one of the cosiest and most welcoming and offered the largest, most luxurious bathtub that I enjoyed day and night! When it comes to the diverse restaurants, bars, and high-quality room service, you’ll also be spoilt for choice and walk away delighted.

With breakfast-in-bed and such an enticing room, I was so blissfully relaxed and happy in the suite that I had to force myself to leave to dine out for lunch and dinner! I know that DoubleTree Melaka is more of a business property but if there had been a spa I would have called this a ‘wellness escape’ because I left so completely recharged and zen-like.

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