On a budget but want to stay someplace cool while you explore the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Melaka?  Well, come with me on a tour of the Jonker Boutique Hotel, located in the heart of downtown and with a wonderfully charming cafe.  And White Loft, a brand new industrial chic property that is on the same street as my favourite night market in Malaysia!  Both are cheap and cheerful, both offer something special for guests, and I can definitely recommend them for your trip to Malacca.

Ohhhh, and FYI … I say the word Jonker wrong every time in the video below, it’s quite horrible (please forgive me, people of Melaka).

Jonker Boutique Hotel

Come for the rooms, stay for the laksa!  This quaint hotel on the most famous street in Malacca is a very welcoming home for your next visit to the city.  My room came equipped with a bathtub inside an art deco inspired bathroom, which I adored.  On top of that, the Jonker Cafe serves some of the most delicious and wonderfully prepared food I’ve seen at a budget boutique hotel.  In fact, some of the recipes are old family secrets (like that laksa I ate twice during my stay).

The cafe was my favourite!  I spent hours sipping cold beer and people watching with the wind blowing through their open restaurant.  It’s lovely.

  • For more information or to make a reservation, visit their website.
  • BE SURE TO FOLLOW THEIR INSTAGRAM!  Sorry for shouting at you but they have my favourite Instagram account of any hotel in Malaysia (and I’ve seen hundreds of them), check it out.  Makes me want to go to Malacca immediately every time I see it.

White Loft

Looking for something completely different?  How about White Loft, where minimalism meets shabby-chic (and trust me, the result is very, very cool).  At first glance it seems like this new hotel has cut corners to save money on their interior design and furnishings.  But then you feel the soft, crisp, white sheets and see the pedestal bathtub and the charming framed mirror and you realise that’s not the case.  Everything you need and more is there, packaged up with an industrial vibe.

White Loft is outside of town by about 10 minutes and it is located within the Pasar Malam Malim Jaya so I planned my entire stay around the night market, and it was soooooo worth it.  I’ve been to night markets all around Malaysia and and this is my #1 favourite so far 🙂  Watch my video on ExpatAngela.com to see why…

XOXO Angela

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