Fancy staying in the beating heart of downtown Singapore in a hotel with one of my favourite Executive Clubs in Asia, with spacious and newly renovated rooms, and that is even home to a 2 Michelin star restaurant?  Then Mandarin Orchard Singapore by Meritus should be your home away from home.

Why You’ll Love Mandarin Orchard Singapore

  • Location!  Orchard Road is where you’ll find the best shopping, fun bars and an amazing variety of restaurants and Mandarin Orchard is smack dab in the middle of it all.
  • Meritus Club!  I’ve previously been to Meritus Clubs in Malaysia and Singapore and this one is by far my favourite for the actual club.  In fact, it’s my favourite in Singapore so far if I’m being completely honest.
  • Chatterbox!  This local culinary experience is a MUST for any traveller to Singapore.  Chatterbox is infamous for its Singapore Chicken Rice and it is delicious.  #FunFact – the local farming family who provides their chickens is the same family who provided the very 1st chicken to Chatterbox decades ago.  That’s amazing!
  • Bar On 5!  As you’ll see in the video, I had a VERY good time at Bar On 5, sipping martinis and bouncing to a lively mix of music.  Joe is the main man who has been whipping up cocktails there for 35 years.  The clientele is diverse and I was thrilled to see a mix of people that included gay and straight folks, older (like me!) and younger groups, and locals and foreigners.

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro is the only Chinese restaurant in Singapore with two Michelin stars and it’s at Mandarin Orchard, which I hope to review next time I’m there 🙂

My only complaint in the room was with the bathroom.  The rooms are newly renovated but it seems the shower units were left because mine had an old-school shower curtain.  I haven’t had a shower curtain at home in more years than I can count, let alone at a 5 star hotel.  Hopefully they’ll replace those soon.

Meritus Club Lounge @ Top of the M

While I did absolutely love the food and beverage offering at Meritus Club (as I do at all their hotels), on this occasion it’s actually the Club itself that won my heart.  Well, that and the fact that they serve Champagne at their evening happy hour.  This amazing venue sits atop the hotel on the 39th floor and was once a revolving restaurant, so the Club encircles the entire floor, giving us an amaaaaazing 360 degree view on Singapore.  There are booths, bar tables, high-backed sofas, dining areas, and a conference room and business centre.  I sat in 4 different spots over 36 hours, each with a fabulous view!

Connect With Mandarin Orchard Hotel

  • For more information or to make a reservation visit their website.
  • Be sure to follow them on Instagram for lots of fun, romantic, and foodie moments and follow them on Facebook for their latest promotions and offers.

XOXO Angela

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