Dickwella Sri Lanka | Temple + Perfect Beach Afternoon

Dickwella Sri Lanka | Temple + Perfect Beach Afternoon

When you’re staying around Tangalle Beach, Matara, or anywhere in that general area on Sri Lanka’s south coast, a perfect day will combine the beach, a bit of culture, and a killer sunset session. I was recently staying at the chilled, posh private villa Meda Gedara just on the outskirts of Dickwella and they have a “guy” who is from Dickwella itself and took me on an Insider’s Tour! I explored hell with a devil king at Wewurukannala Vihara Buddhist temple, also known as Dickwella Temple. I had planned to spend a few hours at the famous Hiriketiya beach but that was like hell as you’ll see, spilling over with tourists. And I ended up on the remote and fabulous Batheegama beach at a little spot with swings, situated in a way that the sunset is perfectly framed between the sea and palm trees.


  1. At Dickwella Temple you’ll learn the punishment for loads of crimes and gain a real history of the temple and the religion if you spent time with a lovely and informative guide. Mine made my visit to the temple memorable. The cost to enter is 200 Rupees and I gave the tour guide 200 for his time as well.

.2 Unless you want to learn to surf, ditch Hiriketiya Beach all together and head out to one of the gorgeous unspoilt beaches. Drinks weren’t expensive but they weren’t cheap either but the experience and the rugged beauty make it the right choice for an afternoon to remember.

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