I recently had a 4-hour layover at the Bangkok Airport whist travelling from Vietnam to Phuket and made the most amazing discovery!  Turns out that for the cost of lunch at any normal airport restaurant, I had 2 hours of unlimited food, wine, cocktails, beer, bubbles, and crazy fast wifi at Miracle Lounge.  The price is 500 Baht, which right now is about USD $15 and it’s an all inclusive price.  As you’ll see, the lounge is chilled and modern, with a homey/cosy feel to the seating areas.  The food they serve is a combination of naughty and nice with yummy salads, sushi, a diverse range of sandwiches, and yummy canapés, and a mix of local and international sweets.

I almost took a 2nd pass but I wasn’t sure how far away my gate was so I left after 2 hours but man did I want to stay!  They left me fuelled up, totally charged up (electronics-wise), and with a happy (ehem, tipsy) skip to my step.  I highly recommend Miracle Lounge!

Where to Find Miracle Lounge in Bangkok Airways

Sadly I didn’t map it but it was in Terminal Q just around the corner from the main F&B spots and shopping, and near the escalators leading to the gates.

XOXO Angela


– Leica V-Lux Camera with 4K video and 25 – 400mm zoom from YL Camera Malaysia

– Selfie moments:shot on my iPhone using a leather and gold MOMAX Selfie Pro stick

– RODE VIDEOMIC GO lightweight on-camera microphone

– Music: epidemicsound.com

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