When it comes to a romantic, idyllic island view that’ll take your breath away, I’d struggle to imagine a more perfect retreat than Mantra Samui Resort.  To reach this hilltop paradise you travel up a snakelike path to a lush, green summit.  From there you step onto a modern resort that feels minimalist, zen, and yet homey all at the same time. There’s a lovely infinity pool, a gym, spa, restaurant and bar, and I even saw a kids club (although I didn’t see any children, which for me was a bonus).  This luxury 5-star hotel is set in a prime position for waking up early to watch the sunrise on your balcony, snuggled up in a cozy robe, and sipping coffee … and it’s perfectly situated to explore the island and close to many of the main tourist attractions.  Check it out:

Why You’ll Love Mantra Samui Resort

  • The View, The View THE VIEW!!!  Honestly, it is spectacular and anytime I think about my trip to Koh Samui I am instantly transported back onto my terrace.  I visited other 5-star luxury hotels and none had a view as impressive as Mantra.  It made not having beach access totally irrelevant to my stay, I didn’t miss it at all.
  • The Spa!  It’s a pretty spa with insanely well designed treatments and even better therapists performing them.  I have reviewed dozens of spas in the past year and this one really stood out for me, especially the foot massage chillout zone.  My suggestion is to do a quick tour on day one so you don’t feel disappointed later that you didn’t go enough like me 🙂  Seriously, it’s that good!
  • The View Restaurant & Bar!  Okay yes, part of the reason why I love ‘The View’ is because it is so aptly named but that’s not the whole story.  Each of the local Thai chefs from the kitchen has brought a bit of his or her regional flavours to their all-Thai dinner menu and it is FAB-U-LOUS!  Diverse and fresh and tasty, you’ll love it.
  • The App!  There’s an app-like web portal that guests can use to order room service, book transport, make a special request, or even ping housekeeping for more body butter.  It’s a wonderful system that helps bridge the language barrier and streamlines communications … I found it inventive, helpful, and quite fun to use if I’m being completely honest 😉

My biggest complaint was that my Love Oceanview Room had no bathtub, which I hadn’t realised.  Even at home I love ending my day with a glass of wine and Netflix but on holiday it’s a pampering essential.  If that’s you as well, simply book the suite (that’s what I’m doing next time).  You’ll have the same wowza view plus a gorgeous freestanding tub and extra lounge space.

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