Picking a shore excursion that fits your personality is the most important criteria I think.  Luckily the Phang Nga Bay boat ride and islands tour seemed just up my alley, and the ONLY excursion that could have made me leave the comfort of my fabulous Mariner of the Seas Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand cruise to head onto shore and into a bus full of other guests!  If you’re looking for the best Royal Caribbean excursion during your cruise, come explore Khao Ping Kan (James Bond Island) and the Ko Panyi Muslim over-water village with me.

I had a wonderfully fun time, made even better by the company of my new friends Joanie, Barbara, and John (thanks again for adopting me!)

Things to know + Tips on Phang Nga Bay Excursion

  • The bus ride is actually 2 hours long, not 1.5 hours
  • You should wear sunscreen even when it’s overcast and you’re on the boat.  I was a bit burnt at the end of the trip and it hadn’t occurred to me to protect myself sadly
  • The Muslim village of Ko Panyi has some fabulous shopping, so don’t do what I did come out without cash.  There was a dress there I would have loved to buy!
  • Don’t be afraid to head up to the front of the boat to capture the best photos and videos with that colourful ‘v’ from the front of the boat, those are my favourite pics and images from the day
  • The queue is pretty crazy once you arrive back to Phuket to catch the tender so don’t miss the chance to use the loo after leaving the boat but before hopping on the bus (we didn’t and I personally really regretted it!)

Connect with Mariner of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Singapore season kicked off on October 17th, first on Mariner of the Seas with 41 sailings of 3 to 10 nights to popular destinations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China till March 2017. Personally, I really want to go on the Salsa Cruise this December and their 2nd Cosfest Sea Cruise next February, which has to be an absolute BLAST.

For more information, visit the website for Mariner of the Seas by Royal Caribbean.

XOXO Angela

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