From the moment I touched down in Phuket my eyes were dancing.  Thailand is a beautiful country and its largest island is home to some of the most awe-inspiring and rugged tropical beauty I’ve ever seen.  Add to that the fabulously diverse array of must visit places all around Phuket and it becomes a playground for those of us who appreciate a day of exploration and contrasts.  Where we’re pampered just a bit, shown a glimpse of a country’s history, and treated to energetic local experiences that we’d never find back home.  Come with me and see why you need to experience Karon Viewpoint, Phromthep Cape Viewpoint, the Big Buddha, Chalong Temple, the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, a local night market and the June Bahtra sunset dinner cruise on your next trip to Phuket.

The half day South Phuket private tour I took in the video to the two viewpoints, Big Buddha, Chalong Temple, and Chalong Bay Rum Distillery included a tasty boxed lunch, water, wifi to upload pics to social media, and a VERY comfy car and friendly driver.  I booked it from the in-house tour packages on offer at The Bell Pool Villa Resort where I was staying at the time and I really loved it (they do the tour themselves, it’s not farmed out to a 3rd party tour company so you know you’ll be super pampered all day).  No one tried to push me into any shops or restaurants and they were quite happy to modify the original itinerary just a bit to suit my needs.  The cost is 3,500 Baht (for 2 people).  My property review for The Bell will be out next week 🙂

Longer versions of videos on my YouTube Channel:

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