Hopping aboard a Sri Lankan Train is a MUST for any visitor to the country. Not only are their rail journeys epically beautiful and famously named the most scenic in the world, they are also crazy hella-fun! I had my transportation sorted so instead of it being my means of travel, I did a day trip to experience the train, from Galle to Koggala and back again. This was a perfect distance to enjoy the train and the lovely countryside (the Weligama to Koggala trip would have also been perfect but it worked out better for my schedule on my last day in Sri Lanka as you’ll see).

Sea Planes are also a MUST in Sri Lanka, check out my Kandy to Koggala flight with Cinnamon Air here 🙂

Sri Lanka Train: Day Trip Tips

  1. Check the amount stamped on your ticket before paying. The guy behind the counter charged me 50 Rupees on my Galle to Koggala trip and I didn’t realise it cost only 40 Rupees until I bought the return in Koggala! Well, then I also saw the footage I shot from the Galle station where it clearly says “40” but I hadn’t noticed with all the excitement and anticipation I had for the ride sadly.
  2. Spend time in the open door but hold on if you’re standing! I felt a childlike glee in that doorway that sitting down just can’t deliver.
  3. Get off and explore the back streets if you day trip to Koggala, it shows a quieter side of real life there. And avoid the touristy fake fishermen on stilts who “perform” for money at the beach.

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