When it comes to the list of amazing experiences you’ll have in Sri Lanka, driving on a steady stream of modern / safe / high speed highways won’t be atop that list. And since most of us want to plan a wildly diverse itinerary for our journey, this means traversing much of the island. In this vlog, I travel by car from a mountain top in Kandy to Victoria Reservoir to a golf course. Go by Tuk Tuk from the club house to the sea plane dock. Then travel with Cinnamon Air from Kandy to Koggala.

It’s not all smooth sailing as you’ll see. One driver lied to me as he tried to scam me into paying almost 2x the actual rate of my ride. But hiccups and all, it was a crazy fun day … especially for the lovely group from Seattle, Washington who I met along the way.

Mentioned In The Vlog

  • Sea Plane!  To book a flight with Cinnamon Air, visit their website: https://www.cinnamonair.com/
  • Kandy Budget Taxi!  To hire my LOVELY singing taxi driver, either whatsapp them on +94 71 210 8210 – or – message Kandy Budget Taxi. They sorted out my ride on Whatsapp in 3 minutes, saving me loads of TIME and MONEY (double win!)
  • Manolin Seattle!  To eat at what I am sure is an amazing restaurant in Seattle, visit Manolin 

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